Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Green Lantern

Are you possibly feeling like you need a new obsession to see you through the dark days Winter? Something a little more healthy that your old self destructive habits that you have now conquered through a variety of therapies? But you say want something a little distinctive. Something that is cool, but definitely under the radar. Well look no further.

May I suggest to you my lastest obsession: The Green Lantern. Yes, a comic book! Here my friends is a comic book superhero that is a notch below all the big name heroes (Superman, Batman, Spiderman etc) in terms of name recognition, but in terms of "coolness" he can stand toe to toe with anyone. I won't go into his whole storyline here, but part of his appeal is that "the Green Lantern mythology" is easily the most complex and satisfying of all the comic book characters that date back to the first half of the 20th century. Part of what I dig about GL is the fact that he is really the only old time character that brings in a really satisfying Science Fiction element into the mix. Most superheros adventures are limited to the planet earth whereas GL, although based on terra firma, can have adventures through out the universe. This really opens up the creative possibilties.

Rumor has it that there is a movie in the works. So become a fan early that way no one can acuse you of jumping on any bandwagon.

If you are still reading at this point I can anticipate an objection: Comic books are for kids, you say. Well yes some are, and some are not. But the goal of any comic worth reading is that it tells a successful story, usually heroic in nature. And "The hero" is a archetype that resides deep in the psyche of all human beings. There is a hero at the center of all religions, for instance. For an in depth look at the role of the hero I refer you to the peerless schlolarship of Joseph Campbell. None other than George Lucas of "Stars Wars" fame cites him as a pivotal influence. Now, what comic books do is combine word and picture to tell the hero's story in a form that is non-elitist, and thus universal. So please, put comics in the same category as fables, fairy tales, and parables. Hardly an inconsequential grouping.

Plus they are fun, cheap, and have definite collectible value. Perfect for these trying times we all live in.