Friday, November 20, 2009

A Deep Bow

You have probably seen or heard of the footage of President Obama giving a "deep bow" to Japan's Emperor Akihito this past week. Conservative commentators were falling over each other to complain about how "inappropriate" and "demeaning" this was for an American president. Ah yes...the shame of it all! To show respect, to be dignified, to honor the customs of another country, these are the occupations of wimps! "But", some have said, " did you notice that the emperoer did not bow back? What about that"? To which anyone with even a passing knowledge of Japanese culture would respond..."did you know that it is an ancient Japanese tradition that the Emperor does not bow to anyone"?

The real American way I guess is just to do what ever the hell you want and consequences be damned. I am sure our previous president would have likely tried to give the Empress a backrub. I mean it worked so well with the German chancellor! (Google: Bush Merkl backrub).

Okay... I am being a little sarcastic, but seriously, what is wrong with our country when it's front page news about the "scandal" that has taken place when someone (admittedly a famous someone) is "caught" showing respect?

I just heard today that one major poll indicates Obama's approval ratings have slipped below 50%. Well, I have a theory as to why. People may say it's the health care crisis, or it's the bailouts and the still sluggish economy, or it's the effect of the fearmongering waged by Fox News. Well I have a different theory. The problem is that President Obama is actually a decent, thoughtful man. He has spent a lot of political capital trying to reach across the aisle and find common ground with his detractors. And for this he is being pilloried. Well, Mr. President, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee! I have to say I am big fan, and I think you should continue being a man of honor, integrity, and decency. But just know this: If you want to get re-elected you are going to have to be more of a....what's the word? Oh yeah: Jerk

Many people, it seems, are more comfortable with that type of politician.