Saturday, November 8, 2008

Are you an "Elite"?

Well now we have it... a new President. And one that can speak like a Elite! (by the way the test of whether one speaks like an Elite is simply whether or not you cringe every fourth sentence out of their mouth. If you have gone five sentences without being embarrassed that your even listening, you've got an Elite on your hands).

And this reminds me of that whole fracas a few months back when President Elect Obama (Ooo that sounds good!) was being roundly criticized as "elitist". My counter to this aruguement is simply: "What the hell is wrong with Elites?". I have heard that much of the appeal of the soon to be former President Bush is that he seemed like a "regular guy". I guess that "Joe six pack" liked him because he wasn't all stuffy and intellectual. Well, excuse me Joe but I don't want an "average regular guy" as President of The United States. I want an Elite. Someone who is superior in their abilities. Or to put it in a non-elitist way: Smart is good. Dumb is bad. Got it? Now if any of you happen to meet a "regular guy/gal" on your travels and they start to take issue with all the egg-head elitists that are moving into the corridors of power, just tell them this: " You know you really like Elites anyway. Yes you do. You really do. I mean you like the Navy Seals and Green Berets. Right? And what are they commonly called; Yes, that's right.. Elite forces".

This stuff just writes itself.

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